We have three locations at The Black Crow on Main to serve your needs.  

First Space

First we have our original space extending from the front of the store (with two doors) to the back of the store (with one door).

Second Space

We also have a basement that extends the entire length of The Black Crow on Main.  The basement has a set of double doors that are open during Farmers Market hours on Saturdays.  

Third Space

Our newest addition is next door with additional booth spaces.

New Vendor Requirements

1. Please send us a description of the items you intend to sell in your booth

2. Please send us estimated pricing for these items

3. Please send us 5-10 pictures of the items

4. Please let us know if you are currently at another location and your experience with sell refurbished items

The Black Crow on Main

Vendor Information



Black Crow Floor

* 10x10

* $125.00 to $200.00 per month

* 12%-20% commission

New Addition

* 10X8

* $60.00 to $100.00 per month

* 12% commission


* 10x10

* $48.00 per month

* 12% commission